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KIDS training

FittHPC uniquely offers specially designed fitness training for children 5 -11 years. Our coaches are trained specialists in child fitness and nutrition. Children this age need physical activity to build core strength, motor skills, balance, coordination, and confidence. Our kids training programs help build the foundations for a healthy lifestyle, promoting self-esteem and confidence in fun and positive sessions.


FittHPC specializes in youth training, 12 – 19 years, whether elite youth athletes, aspiring hopefuls, or teens who want to improve their overall fitness and lifestyle choices. Our specialist youth coaches tailor make personal training programs as well design small group training sessions.
FittHPC also works with sports teams, working in partnership with schools, clubs and academies. We develop sports specific programs for teams and individual athletes as well as offering ECA fitness activities in schools.

Sports Performance

FittHPC is a specialist high performance centre that focuses on developing individual athletes and teams to achieve their performance goals. We work with all ages, all levels and all sports. Our programs are designed to improve speed, agility, power, strength, endurance and cognitive skills. We aim to improve the overall athleticism and fitness of athletes, preparing them for success in their chosen sport.
FittHPC training programs can be designed for individual athletes wanting to improve a specific area of performance or for sports specific training.

Group class training

FittHPC offers personalized small group training. A small group workout with the added benefit of individual attention. Delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable trainers, our programs are customised to recognise different levels of fitness and ability. Workouts change and evolve as the group progresses. We work towards clients personal goals and achieve them in fun and challenging sessions that work on core strength, flexibility, power, cardiovascular and functional fitness.
No matter the fitness level, it’s the attitude that counts. If you’re willing to push yourself you’ll be training alongside likeminded people in our extremely rewarding classes.

Circus Skills Training

FittHPC’s 4 D Circus has created a unique and innovative professional circus training program for children and teens. Going into schools and offering a popular circus skills ECA as well as fun and challenging sessions in FittHPC we work with complete novices trying out a new activity to the experienced who wish to develop their skills. We also offer circus skills training for adults, both recreational and professional circus performers.

Skills Training
Juggling Diabolo Parkour
Acro Balance & Hand Balancing
Aerial Hoop
Fitness & Stagecraft
Professional Show Integration
Corporate Team Building

We want you to experience first- hand the unique FittFORMULA that makes FittHPC training so special.
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head coach

Personal trainer, Strength and Conditioning athletic coach

  • FittDANIL is a well-known athlete...
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Circus Skills & Fitness Trainer

  • Alice Capitani is a former Olympic gymnast and international acrobatic performer from Italy...
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Strength & Conditioning and youth fitness trainer

  • Dan, with his degree in nursing and International Sports Science Association certification in fitness...
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Pathway 1: FittMOVE

FittMOVE is designed for people, who are starting out on the road to fitness, health and well –being. It is designed for weight loss and to make improvements in lifestyle. We will get you back on track and onto the next level of fitness and health. If you are ready for change and want to see a new you in the mirror, come and see the team at FittHPC.

Pathway 2: FittLIFE

FittLIFE is designed for people who are looking to improve their fitness levels, through strength, cardio, agility and flexibility development. This pathway is also for people who are coming back from injuries, or need pre or post season training.

Pathway 3: FittELITE

The elite programme is for athletes who want to improve their performance and gain the extra percentage that pushes them beyond their competition. Strength and conditioning training, cognitive development, eye reaction and performance analysis. On this programme athletes will train using the very latest state of the art high performance equipment. Progress will be closely monitored by the coaches with constant feedback and continual assessments.

Working Hours

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